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Our approach to corporate governance

Our corporate governance

Corporate governance, engagement and proxy voting form an integral and active part of our approach to managing, protecting and enhancing the long-term value of the companies we invest in for our clients.

Confidence in the integrity and quality of company management is an essential ingredient for investor commitment and long-term support.

We believe that companies that are well governed and operate in a responsible and sustainable way should have the culture, attitude and transparent mechanisms in place to support their long-term health and shareholder value.

Good corporate governance practice establishes the frameworks that facilitate both this and the relationship that exist between shareholders and a company’s management.

Anita Skipper
Corporate Governance Director

Tel: 020 7809 8205

Iain Richards
Regional Head of Corporate Governance

Tel: 020 7809 8213

Georgina Marshall
Regional Head of Corporate Governance 

Tel: 020 7809 6886

Nathan Leclercq 
Head of Corporate Governance Operations

Tel: 020 7809 6460

Doris Ko
Corporate Governance Executive

Tel: 020 7809 6218

Kathryn Lynch
Corporate Governance Information Executive

Tel: 020 7809 6027