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Asset Classes

Fixed Income

Fixed income is a key asset class at Aviva Investors and accounts for over 64% of our asset base*. At Aviva Investors we pride ourselves on offering a global capability that spans the full fixed income opportunity set. We are a natural holder of bonds stemming from our significant short and long-dated insurance and pension liability business.

We have brought together Aviva Investors fixed income teams around the world to offer a truly global capability across the spectrum. Investment professionals work in a collaborative team environment within their country office and share their expertise and knowledge via a single platform, whilst enjoying the autonomy usually associated with small boutique firms.

We use multidisciplinary in-house research to identify new investment opportunities, and we think innovatively of ways to develop products that are designed to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

We introduced one of the first SRI bond funds; while high alpha products and hedge funds, demonstrate our originality and flair.




Our specialist fixed income teams cover the following areas:

  • Absolute returns funds
  • Aggregate bond funds
  • Investment grade corporate bonds
  • High yield corporate bonds
  • Sovereign
  • Emerging market bonds
  • Quant


* Data as at 31 September 2011.