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Global Investment Solutions

The creation of our Global Investment Solutions team is the logical development of the decision to merge the asset management companies of Aviva plc into a single client focused business: Aviva Investors. Global Investment Solutions builds on our existing expertise in managing large multi-country, multi-asset portfolios for our clients in and across a number of international locations.

Global Investment Solutions recognises the need for client-focused asset management solutions where the combination of global infrastructure, local knowledge and bargaining power are all critical to success. Our response is founded in a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs. We use standard fund components and structured products to create bespoke solutions that meet client needs as closely as possible. Irrespective of location, through Global Investment Solutions, every one of our clients can potentially benefit from the expertise and market insight of more than 950 employees across 18 locations (as at 30 June 2014).

Global Investment Solutions is responsible for both creating and sourcing appropriate products from our global network to construct optimum client solutions, and also for coordinating their implementation as quickly and cost-effectively as possible – using both our own resources and by selecting best-in-class providers where we are not directly represented.

Global Investment Solutions draws together numerous areas of expertise from within the Aviva Investors group, including:

The Strategy team: is responsible for economic research and tactical and strategic asset allocation. They determine, and agree, strategic asset allocation objectives for our global and regional clients, including some of the largest multi-asset funds in Europe, and continually adjust shorter term tactical positions to take advantage of market positioning. They are also responsible for risk budgeting – maximising client returns for each unit of risk taken.

Structured Solutions: work with clients globally to understand their risk-return requirements, and builds investment solutions accordingly. They draw on the Strategy team’s research to develop bespoke and innovative investment structures. They have the option to use external product providers where this more closely matches the client-requirement; for example, in developing product solutions that aim to assure clients a specific level of investment return.

Liability and Multi-Asset Solutions: This team covers two distinct areas Liability Driven Investing (LDI) and multi-asset funds. Our LDI capability has dedicated specialists focussed on Insurance LDI and Retirement LDI. The Insurance LDI team liaises with insurance clients to develop and implement bespoke investment frameworks for managing insurance money taking into account capital, regulatory and risk constraints. The Insurance LDI team has developed an innovative form of dynamic LDI, where dynamic means flexibility in investing across asset classes, speed of investing in relative value opportunities when they arise and matching assets to new business opportunities. The Retirement LDI team specialise in providing holistic solutions to managing pension fund assets with respect to their liabilities. They take into account all aspects of the client’s situation, including sponsor strength, regulatory requirements and long term goals.

The MAF team is responsible for utilising asset allocation and security selection to maximise the risk-adjusted returns across our MAF offering. The team of three draws directly on the skills of more than 300 investment professionals across Aviva Investors globally, with access to a wide variety of capabilities including strategy, fixed income, equities, real estate, alternatives, cash, derivatives, trading, and risk management.

Multi-manager: this team independently research investment management providers across the industry to identify the “best of breed” in any given asset class. The resultant portfolios provide clients with value added exposure to a number of asset classes such as private equity and hedge fund of funds. This research is used by the Structured Solutions team to create tailored products, and is also made available to external clients.

Quantitative Solutions: offer efficient and scaleable access to market exposure using indexation and quantitative techniques. These portfolio management skills are a key component in our aim to provide clients with efficiently constructed portfolios that include a combination of investment management approaches.

Securities finance: this experienced team helps maximise returns from portfolios and brings new opportunities to all Aviva Investors clients.